Chile eCommerce market has Latin America’s highest eCommerce transactions per capita (report)

Despite its small size, Chile’s e-commerce indicators are impressive. With the highest banking, Internet and smartphone penetration in the region, Chileans are better prepared than any other Latin Americans to adopt e-commerce. Chileans’ online spend is disproportionately high for their small population of 18 million; in 2016, per capita e-commerce spend in Chile was $222 compared to $120 in Brazil and $138 in Argentina.

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IAC Dotdash Buys Meredith Publishing and AppLovin Buys MoPub

October 7, 2021

If you’re looking for a party game to separate the old folks from the youngsters, see who can explain which of the following: IAC Dotdash just bought Meredith Corporation’s National Media Group for $2.7 billion, and Twitter just sold MoPub to AppLovin for $1 billion. Both deals are big news in certain corners of the media industry. Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you about that time AOL bought TimeWarner.

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Stagwell expands in Latin America with Allison+Partners and Grupo Garnier partnership

October 7, 2021

Stagwell is expanding its creative, content, media and marketing communications capabilities throughout Latin America with a new partnership between Stagwell agency Allison+Partners and Latin American heritage agency Grupo Garnier. The partnership will see Grupo Garnier rebranding offices in eight markets as Allison+Partners, including in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico.

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