Cinder Raises $14 Million to Smooth Content Moderation Workflows

It sometimes feels that content moderation is like the weather: subject of much talk but little action.  Cinder aims to change that with a unified platform that will let moderation teams operate more efficiently than the usual spreadsheets, queries, and Word docs.  The company has raised $14 million to date.

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Consumers Care Less About Personalization Than Marketers Think: CMO Council Report

December 12, 2022

I won’t sugarcoat this, Dear Reader: this CMO Council survey for SAS finds consumers rank personalized offers 12th on their list of 14 brand loyalty factors, while marketers rank it fourth.  There’s clearly an opportunity to benefit from closer alignment.  Another cause for alarm: the top three CX challenges are all about data integration but only one of the top seven tech investments aims to improve it.  On the bright side, that investment is CDPs.

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December 12, 2022

This IAB Tech Lab announcement bounces from prosaic (“Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, also called outdoor advertising”) to historical (“the medium is ancient, from cave paintings to signposts”) to poetical (“this may be something as ethereal as brightening up the dark skies”).  So there’s something here for everyone, even if you don’t care about the actual news.  If you do care: they’ve extended the OpenRTB standard to include elements unique to Digital Out of Home ads.

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