Community Raises $40 Million from Salesforce Ventures for Bulk Text Messaging

Bulk text messaging platform Community has raised $40 million from Salesforce Ventures, bringing total funding to $90 million.  Community enables celebrities and organizations to send messages to people who sign up for them.  What makes this special, I do not know.

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App Tracking Opt-Ins Exceed 40% Under New Apple Rules: AppsFlyer Study

April 13, 2021

At least 40% of consumers allowed iPhone apps to track them when presented with Apple’s new opt-in message, according to this AppsFlyer study of 13 million choices. AppsFlyer notes that most observers expected a much higher opt-out rate, but the results really shouldn’t surprise you: most studies show that about one-third of consumers never want to share data, one-third share it freely, and one-third are somewhere in the middle. See this one, for example.

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