Companies Using Fewer, Broader CX Systems: TELUS International

I have a pile of personalization surveys for you today, Dear Reader.  But the most intriguing study in the queue is this one from CX tech vendor TELUS International, which finds that companies are using fewer CX systems.  Specifically, 50% of companies are now trying to reduce the number of CX vendors, compared with 44% two years ago and 27% five years ago.  Suites still win, it seems.

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Consumers Like Personalization But Not With Purchased Data: Twilio Segment Report

June 22, 2022

There’s less surprise in the personalization surveys, which consistently show that consumers want personalized treatment but still care about privacy.   Twililo’s State of Personalization 2022 reports increases 62% of consumers will be less loyal to brands that fail to deliver a personalized experience, up from 45% in 2021.  But 65% worry data is being collected without their permission and just 40% trust brands to use it responsibly.  On the bright side, 63% are okay with personalization so long as it’s based on data a brand has collected rather than purchased.

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