Connected Thermometer Company Sells (Aggregated) Customer Data: NY Times

Let’s go in a different direction: this New York Times report that Internet-connected thermometer start-up Kinsa sold customer data to Clorox, which used it to target disinfectant advertising at areas with high fever rates. The data was aggregated to the Zip code level, so it’s hard to see this as a privacy violation. But it’s easy to see it as anti-tech sensationalism.

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Marketers Throw Away Too Much Data: Digital Element Report

October 26, 2018

And since we’re on the topic, marketers also feel they’re throwing away a good portion of the data they do collect, says geolocation data provider Digital Elements. More than half felt they could increase revenues if they could use an extra 25% of the data they currently throw away. Most of the study focuses on IP location data, which 71% said was very important but just 39% are using fully.

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