Consumers Love Direct Mail: Lob and Quad Studies

What about direct mail?  For some reason, I have two separate studies on the topic. Lob reports that 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with personalized messages, while Quad says that 60% of consumers would quit a brand if their experience wasn’t personalized.  Message received.

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Pay No Attention to That First Party Data: IAS Study on Retail Media

August 14, 2023

Let’s switch to retail media networks.  This Integral Ad Science report does a slick job of leading the reader toward their desired conclusion, which is that contextual ads are the best use for retail media dollars.  That’s not how I’d naturally read the report, which finds that buyers pay the most attention to ads for products that are on sale (51%).  It also makes no mention of leveraging first party data, except to note that advertisers list it as the most important retail media opportunity.

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Generative AI Systems Continue to Return Misinformation: NewsGuard Research

August 11, 2023

The companies building generative AI tools are treading a narrow bridge between describing the risks of their technology and avoiding government regulations that would hurt their business.  The path got a little harder this week when news quality rating organization NewsGuard reported that Open AI’s ChatGPT-4 and Google Bard are generating as many false narratives today as they were when NewsGuard checked in March and April.

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