Consumers Prefer Efficiency to Personalization: CCW/Digital Survey

Two-thirds of consumers prefer quick and easy interactions to warm and fuzzy personalized ones, according to this CCW/Digital survey. It’s no surprise but bears repeating since marketers keep forgetting it. Just 13% of consumers think brands are currently delivering highly personalized experiences, while 57% worry about the privacy and security of their data.

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Cruise Ordered to Cut San Francisco Robotaxi Fleet After Firetruck Collision

August 21, 2023

You may recall that robo-taxi services Cruise and Waymo received permission to expand their services in San Franciso last week, despite local opposition. It didn’t take long for that particular chicken to come home to roost: on Friday, the state Department of Motor Vehicles told Cruise to cut in half the number of operational vehicles, following a crash between a passenger-occupied, driverless Cruise car and a fire truck. Cruise complied but still argued its cars are better drivers on average than people.

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Acoustic Announces Partnership with Snowflake

August 18, 2023

Back in May, Acoustic launched an all-in-one platform for multichannel marketing, journey orchestration, and behavioral experience insights called Acoustic Connect.  For reasons not immediately clear, they just re-announced the product with an emphasis on its use of the Snowflake cloud database.  It’s a useful reminder that while Snowflake is often connected to multiple components that mimic a packaged CDP, it can just as easily support a single integrated product.

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