Consumers Reject Passwords as Security Measure

This Experian report finds that security is also a high concern for consumers, with 55% saying it’s the most important aspect of their online experience.    Businesses agree, rating fraud detection as their second-highest digital CX priority, well ahead of decisioning software, staff, and fixing legacy technology.  Intriguingly, consumers said they prefer biometrics, PIN codes, and behavioral analytics over passwords.  Interesting breakouts by region and age.

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Swaarm Offers Mobile Ad Attribution Without Apple IDFA

April 19, 2021

Marketers are spending lots of time looking for ways to track people without third party cookies and device IDs.  Let’s look at methods that don’t require tracking.  We’ll start with adtech vendor Swaarm, whose just-introduced “PEA Chain” offers accurate revenue attribution without Apple’s IDFA device ID.  The trick is that each ad click generates a token that captures all previous traffic sources and campaigns, eliminating the need to stitch the chain together using the IDFA as the connector.

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