Consumers Still Willing to Trade Data for Better CX: Merkle Study

Circling back to marketing issues, this Merkle survey finds that consumers express the usual conflict between liking personalized offers (86%) and suspecting that big tech data policies mostly benefit the tech companies themselves.  Still, just 13% say they always reject cookies and 90% would provide more information in exchange for a positive brand experience.

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Podcasts Fastest-Growing News Source: YouGov Survey

February 21, 2022

This YouGov report doesn’t break out influencer media, but it does put social networks (36%) second behind only TV (50%) as a news source, roughly tied with newspaper websites (35%). Printed newspapers are far down the list (18%) although still just barely ahead of podcasts (16%). But podcast use is growing while the others are all coming down. (Pew Research shows higher podcast use but slower growth.)

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Persado Tailors AI-Generated Copy to Personal Preferences

February 18, 2022

Automated copy generation vendor Persado has launched new tools to tailor content to personal preferences, at the segment or individual level.  They call their customer-level “Language Profiles” a “new form of first party data” but it’s not clear whether they’re asking customers about the copy they receive or simply observing what they respond to.  If they were really good at this, they’d have known to show me the answer.

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Marketers to Focus on Platforms Not Ad Channels in 2023: IAB Survey

November 29, 2022

This IAB study finds that connected TV and paid search are expected to be the fastest-growing ad channels next year, while linear TV and other traditional media continue to shrink.  More intriguing: marketers are focusing more investment on foundational tools like measurement and first party data, and less on specific ad channels.  Download for deep dives into retail media networks and the metaverse.

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