Consumers Want Fast, Not Fancier, Digital Experiences: IBM Study

Marketers using tools like BloomReach need to do a better job of giving customers what they really want, according to an IBM study. The key finding is that executives think consumers want digital tools to give greater control and self-service, while consumers really want tools that save time and money. Another IBM report pans companies’ current customer experience offerings, noting for example that 71% of firms offer only generic, non-personalized marketing messages.

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Adfresco Boasts Human-Powered Ad Marketplace

May 8, 2017

Adtech vendors keep trying to profit from industry turmoil. Ad inventory marketplace Adfresco is a good example: trading on concerns about fully-automated ad buying, they now position their service as “bringing the human aspect back to automated buying and selling”. In concrete terms, this means that publishers can post inventory options online with a link to an account executive or sales team that must be contacted to make an actual purchase. Charmingly retro. I wonder if they offer drone-based martini delivery.

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Heap Raises $27 Million to Simplify People-Based Web Analytics

May 4, 2017

And still more about people-based marketing: Heap has technology that captures Web site behaviors without setting up tracking for each event individually. As the company puts it, they “automate away the annoying parts of analytics” so people can focus on the fun stuff. Behaviors can be tied to individuals, which isn’t always the case with Web analytics. The company just raised $27 million, for total funding of $40.2 million.

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