Consumers Want To Save More Money, Do Less Laundry: Whirlpool Survey

If you suspected that last item came from Jamie, our faithful Department of the Obvious Intern, you’re right. He’s paired it with a study from appliance maker Whirlpool Corporation that discovered most consumers want to spend less time on cooking and laundry and like to save money. They surveyed 2,000 consumers in four global regions to find this out. Jamie is enthralled.

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Mapp Marketing Platform Calls Itself a CDP, Calls Marketers Sheep

January 10, 2019

It’s another brutally slow news day, so I’m reduced to reporting that Mapp, the private equity-owned mashup of Blue Hornet email and several marketing products once owned by Teradata, has rebranded itself by calling marketers “sheep”. So clever. Mapp says it’s a “native CDP”, which seems to mean it has a unified customer database. It’s not clear that Mapp also meets the CDP requirement of easily sharing data with external products.

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