Consumers Will Spend Less on Mobile Games but Advertisers Will Spend More: Study

Mobile gaming is one of the industries that are stealing time from search and social activities.  So it’s a bit surprising to see this estimate from (formerly App Annie) that consumer spend on mobile gaming will drop by 5% in 2022 and 3% in 2023.  Note this is an estimate of what consumers will spend; spending on mobile advertising is still expected to rise by 7.5% next year, outpacing other ad media.

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Duopoly Share of U.S. Digital Ad Revenues Continues to Shrink: Axios Report

December 22, 2022

If we seem more philosophical than usual this week, it’s not the result of some Scrooge-like holiday transformation (sorry, Jamie), but because hard news is scarce.   Still, it’s a welcome opportunity to talk about long-term trends, like this Axios piece that quotes Insider Intelligence as finding the Google/Meta share of U.S. digital ad revenue will fall below 50% this year.  It’s no surprise – the share peaked back in 2017 – but a good reminder that duopoly power is less secure than it seems.

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App Marketers Struggle with Privacy Changes: Liftoff Survey

December 22, 2022

The people selling mobile apps had a tough 2022, with privacy changes heading the list of challenges.  Liftoff reports they’re evenly balanced between positive outlook (37%) and negative outlook (36%) for next year, with gaming marketers much more worried than the rest.  Interestingly, solid majorities say privacy changes are bad for marketers (54%) but good for consumers (59%).  At least they’re honest.

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