Cost, Self-Service Drive Unstructured Data to Cloud: Komprise Survey

Komprise takes a sunnier view of cloud migration, reporting that on-premises-only environments fell from 20% to 12% since last year, although 50% still use a mix of cloud and non-cloud.  Two-thirds of the companies spend more than 30% of their IT budget on data storage and protection, so it’s not surprising that cutting costs is the main reason for cloud migration.  Better news is that self-service data access and greater agility are the next-most-common reasons.  This matters to marketers because user data is the most common type of unstructured data.

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August 31, 2022
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Google Adds Digital Out-of-Home to Display & Video 360 Campaigns

August 30, 2022

Google has added digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads to their Display & Video 360 ad campaign software.  The extension will make it easier for marketers coordinate DOOH purchases with display, video, TV, audio, and other channels already covered by Display & Video 360.  Google’s control over ad buying software is often attacked on anti-trust grounds, but they aren’t letting that slow them down.

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