Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch Merge To Become…Brandwatch

Crimson Hexagon is another cool name but the company is giving it up as a part of a just-announced merger with Brandwatch. Both companies play in the social media monitoring space. The combined firm will add data from other sources as well.

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Adobe Releases Initial Magento Integrations

October 10, 2018

Who ever thought the words “Adobe” and “fast-moving” would bes used in the same sentence? Yet just four months after finalizing its acquisition of ecommerce platform Magento, Adobe has released its first integrations with Experience Cloud. Magento gains cross-touchpoint shopping experiences, AI-powered personalization, and behavior predictions. Magento also announced other enhancements to its core capabilities.

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Facebook Loses Brand Value While Apple, Google, and Amazon Gain: Interbrand Report

October 5, 2018

And since no day is complete without a little Facebook bashing, here’s an Interbrand report that Facebook is the only BadTech company to lose brand value since last year: Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all gained (and rank first to fourth, in that order), while Facebook fell from eighth to ninth and lost six percent of its value. Don’t feel too sad for them: they’re still ahead of McDonalds, Intel and IBM.

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