Criteo launches its Connected TV solution in Australia

Criteo, whose CTV solution uses its unique audiences and robust access to data alongside full-funnel management and full-service support to help customers achieve measurable outcomes, is expanding into Australia. The use of CTV as a retail and marketing tool is growing in Australia. Criteo’s recent Shopper Story Survey research results showed nearly a quarter (24%) of Australians actively used the technology in 2021, which was up from 18% in 2019.

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Nielsen incorporates YouTube measurement for three markets in SEA

October 20, 2022

Nielsen has unveiled the incorporation of YouTube measurement for desktop and mobile within its Total Ad Ratings (TAR) solution across three additional markets in APAC – Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.  Nielsen will be providing cross-platform metrics on which media buyers and sellers can transact. This will now allow advertisers to measure YouTube inventory in their cross-media campaigns in a total of seven markets globally, which are Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, the United States, and France.

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