Criteo to Buy Adtech Developers IPONWEB for $380 Million

In other obscure but probably important adtech news, Criteo is negotiating a $380 million deal to buy IPONWEB, a major developer of ad exchange, marketplace, and bidding technologies.  The deal will help Criteo replace its third-party-cookie-based retargeting business with something more suited to the future – possibly using retail media networks as an alternative to the Facebook/Google/Amazon walled gardens.

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OpenAP Launches Cross-Platform TV Audience Framework

December 13, 2021

Global warming.  Rampant authoritarianism.  Endless pandemic.  It’s impressive that some people find time to worry about measuring TV audiences.  So thumbs up to OpenAP, which just launched a framework to target and measure all types of TV audiences and signed up a slew of media agencies, media companies, and measurement vendors to cooperate.  Called XPm, the platform lets advertisers work with an audience of 290 million identities, which can be linked with other firms’ first-party data in various privacy-safe ways.

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65% of Marketers Say Martech Hurts Productivity: Adobe Report

December 13, 2021

Back on more familiar turf, how about a nice Adobe study that reports marketers are struggling to get value from technology?  Yup, 65% say they feel their productivity is harmed by having too many technology options and 65% also say they can’t keep up with tech changes.  Despite the problems, 79% say they regularly use data to make marketing decisions and 77% use it to demonstrate marketing’s value to the rest of the business.  Download for more.

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