Customer Service Beats Product or Marketing as Brand Differentiator: Bynder Research

Does customer service need more attention? Digital asset management vendor Bynder found that excellent service was rated as the most effective brand differentiator by 29% of decision makers, far ahead of marketing campaigns (15%) or product (13%). The same survey found that 23% of marketers are struggling to find the right personalization technology, which has nothing to do with customer service but might still come in handy. You’re welcome.

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DiscoverOrg Buys ZoomInfo

February 5, 2019

Maybe it’s the cold weather. Maybe it’s the approach of Valentines Day. Whatever the reason, compatible firms are hooking up at an alarming rate. First, B2B data compiler DiscoverOrg announced it is buying fellow compiler ZoomInfo. The B2B data space is getting crowded as firms like Radius, DemandBase and LeadSpace compete with traditional providers. You may also recall that Dun & Bradstreet was sold to private investors last August.

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Consumers Will Tell You Which Half of Your Ads Are Wasted: ViralGains, MAGNA and IPG Media Lab

February 1, 2019

Advanced tech does have its uses, of course. Asking people about their interests lets marketers avoid wasted spend on future ads – potentially reducing campaign costs by half, according to tests conducted by digital video ad platform ViralGains, MAGNA and IPG Media Lab. In the test, consumers who viewed an ad were then asked if they were interested in the ad content, and then later served different ads based on their answer. The researchers estimate it is possible avoid 59% of media costs with such programs.

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