DMPs Remain Undead: Lotame Report

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are not dead yet, according to this Lotame survey.  As many respondents (37%) plan to buy a DMP this year as a CDP, while fewer (14% vs 18%) expect to retire one.   The report also found that 48% of publishers and 37% of marketers are using data clean rooms, while, somewhat oddly, privacy is considered the biggest data clean room challenge.  Lots more here.

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Twilio Segment Launches Reverse ETL for Cloud Database Connections

November 4, 2022

Those cloud data warehouses that everyone loves – looking at you, Snowflake – are apparently harder to access than you might expect.  Twilio Segment is the second CDP this week to introduce a “reverse ETL” product that pulls data out of cloud databases into Twilio’s own data store, which in turn will share it with other systems.  Segment also launched a complementary product, Profiles Sync, that moves profiles into cloud databases.

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Most Retail Media Sales Are Outside of Retailer-Owned Channels: Merkle Study

November 4, 2022

This Merkle study offers a deep dive into retail media networks from both retailer and advertiser perspectives. One surprise is that it’s actually more common for retail media networks to target customers in external media than retailer-owned channels. Another is that understanding shoppers is a more common reason for brands to use retail media than delivering personalized messages or gaining access to sales results.

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