DoubleVerify Buys OpenSlate for $150 Million

Digital media measurement vendor DoubleVerify has agreed to pay $150 million for OpenSlate, which rates social media content for brand safety, suitability and subject matter.  OpenSlate helps advertisers decide where to run their campaigns, while DoubleVerify reports on content seen after campaigns have run.  Nice.

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Datafold Raises $20 Million to Prevent Data Problems Before They Happen

November 10, 2021

I’m not sure that “data reliability” is a distinct software category from, say, data pipelines, data quality, and data observability. Still, Monte Carlo used it a year ago and now there’s Datafold, which checks the impact of system changes on data quality before rather than after they go into production.  They just raised a $20 million Series A.  Related: Anomalo recently raised $33 million for automated data quality analysist and Cascade Labs raised $5.3 million for no-code data workflows.

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