DoubleVerify Launches Attention Measurement Service

Tighter money calls for better measurement.  DoubleVerify has launched a new “Attention Lab” that looks beyond clicks and viewability to assess exposure and engagement.  These are apparently less disrupted by new privacy rules and, one hopes, do a better job of predicting business impact.

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Martech Financing Continues to Fall: LUMA Report

October 10, 2022

LUMA reports that martech mergers and acquisitions continue their downward trend, with the number of $100+ million deals falling from nine in the Q3 2021 to three in Q3 2022.  LUMA’s index of public martech stocks is down 56%, far worse than the S&P 500 (down 17%) or Nasdaq 100 (down 27%).  Private financing is also down from the end of last year but, ever hopeful, LUMA reports there continues to be “significant” investor interest in the category.

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