DrivenIQ Raises $15 Million Series A to Fill Voids in CDP Market

DrivenIQ helps car dealers pull together data about customers and prospects, with a broad range of features including web traffic analytics, website visitor identification, geo-zoning, identity resolution, and 14 billion customer records related to more than 230 million U.S. households.  They promise to “fill significant voids in the Customer Data Platform Market” although it’s not clear what voids they have in mind.  What is clear is they just raised a $15 million Series A.

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Retail Media Revenue to Top $40 Billion in 2022: eMarketer Report

August 23, 2022

You may not want another item about retail media but look on the bright side, Dear Reader: it’s not about social commerce.  Anyway, this overview by eMarketer is pretty good, including the headline estimates that retail media ad revenue will grow 31.4% this year, total $40.8 billion and account for 16.4% of U.S. digital ad spending.  But don’t get too frisky: Amazon accounts for 77% of the total.

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Getty Offers Gen AI Tool Built Only with Licensed Images

September 28, 2023

Unauthorized training data isn’t an existential threat to generative AI but it’s certainly a headache for users and developers alike.  Most developers are trying to exclude materials that creators have explicitly labeled as unauthorized and citing “fair use” as justification for copying everything else.  Getty Images has taken an opposite approach, building its gen AI tool only on materials that are explicitly licensed.  It’s possible that tracing the provenance of training data will become a standard, similar to how organic food producers trace the origins of their ingredients.

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