e-Spirit Survey: 26% of Companies Can Deliver Personalized Real Time Digital Experience

Drilling further, digital experience platform e-Spirit finds just 26% of companies can currently deliver personalized experiences in real time. They find huge differences between leaders and laggards in cross-channel content distribution, system integration, and more. Factoid: just 25% of companies use 60% or more of their existing digital experience systems.

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IAB Europe Releases Consent Framework for Publishers

April 25, 2018

Since Web content seems to be today’s theme, let’s round it out with news that IAB Europe and IAB Technology Laboratory have released a framework for publishers to gather visitor consent for sharing their data with third parties. If I’m reading it correctly, a Web site pop-up would let visitors specify which from a list of third parties can have their information. It will take some pretty great marketing to make that work. Some European publishers have already signed on but we’ll see how others react.

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