Email and Social Media Tie for Most Implemented Marketing Tactics: Sagefrog Marketing Mix Study

Earned media budgets may indeed be growing fastest, but the bulk of the spend is on social media, not conventional public relations. Sagefrog’s eleventh annual B2B Marketing Mix Report found social media tied with email as the most implemented marketing tactic (79%), while conventional public relations ranked ninth at 29%. Read this to see how your marketing mix compares with the Jones’.

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GK Software Adds AI-Driven Personalization to POS

December 19, 2017

The line between customer-facing and back-office software is rapidly vanishing. GK Software mostly builds retail Point of Sale systems, but they’ve expanded to other channels and adjacent functions such as merchandising and promotion management. They just announced they’ll be using artificial intelligence to generate personalized product recommendations, dynamic pricing and promotions, smart shopping lists, and individualized newsletters. These can be delivered via POS, mobile POS, and self-service channels. You can bet there’s a customer database lurking somewhere underneath.

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