Episerver Announces Expanded Personalization

You may think of Episerver as a Web content management system, if you think of them at all. But they’ve now morphed into a platform to manage marketing as well as digital content and ecommerce. The “platform” part of that is a data store that uses APIs to capture information from online and offline sources. This in turn allows it support advanced personalization including machine learning-based recommendations, individualized content generation, and on-site search. The company just announced new features to do this. These draw on acquisitions including Peerius (omnichannel personalization) last August and Optivo (omnichannel campaign management) in October.

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Marketers Struggle for Personalization Success: RedPoint Global Survey

September 27, 2021

This Harris Poll study for Redpoint Global offers a sobering view of customer experience reality.  They found that marketers are twice as likely as consumers to think brands deliver an excellent experience (51% vs 26%), while under half of the marketers who use advanced technologies including personalization, AI-driven recommendations, or multi-variate testing think they are having great success with them.  Fun fact: the average number of customer engagement systems is now 16, nearly double the figure in 2019.

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