Epsilon Stocks Its Clean Room with IRI Data

Have you pondered how to furnish a data clean room?  Epsilon is stocking its clean room with consumer packaged goods transactions from IRI, making it easier for clients to do richer analysis and target customers across channels.  Think of it as a mini-bar for customer data.

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Branch Buys AdLibertas to Assemble First-Party Mobile App Data

September 2, 2022

Mobile measurement platform Branch has purchased AdLibertas, a predictive data platform for mobile apps.  AdLibertas pulls together first-party data from multiple sources and uses to results to help mobile app developers track user behavior and optimize their ad programs.  It’s especially important as Apple and Google cut off the flow of third-party ad targeting and measurement data.

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Meta Releases Lying, Offensive AI and Pretends to Be Surprised

November 23, 2022

Like trouble, bad behavior by Meta shows up whether you look for it or not.  The latest is an open-source language model that was supposed to provide reliable search results because it was trained on academic papers.  Alas, it was quickly withdrawn after reviewers found that it returned results that were grammatical and plausible but also incorrect, not to mention filled with “antisemitism, homophobia, and misogyny.”  How can this be a surprise?

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