Facebook Lets Advertisers Match Users Against Private Information

One of Facebook’s suggestions after their breach was to use two-factor authentication, which uses something like a phone number to confirm a user’s identity when they log in. Alas, Facebook has just been caught using such information without permission to help advertisers target individuals. Facebook said it’s just trying to help: “we use the information people provide to offer a more personalized experience, including showing more relevant ads.”

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Decibel Helps Brands Isolate Problems with Digital Customer Experiences

September 28, 2018

Decibel also aims to help marketers by improving customer experiences, in its case by creating a single Digital Experience Score based on Web site and app user behaviors such as engagement, navigation, form completion, and frustration. It does some heavy duty analytics to convert the raw data into meaningful information. Decibel has just extended its product to break out the components affecting each visitor, making it easier for companies to identify and fix problems at the individual level.

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Real-Time Data Leads to Quicker Growth: Confluent Survey

May 24, 2022

No one really doubts that real-time data is useful, but here’s more concrete data in case you’ve been arguing the point: this Confluent survey of IT leaders finds 63% of companies with widespread access to real-time data showed 10% or higher revenue growth, compared with just 44% of companies with only some access grew as fast.  Integrating multiple data sources was the most common obstacle to real-time access, cited by 60% of respondents.

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