Facebook Stock Rises after Zuckerberg Senate Appearance

Response to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony was generally positive, or at least that he hadn’t made things worse for Facebook. Perhaps the ultimate measure is that the stock price rose.

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Oracle Expands Customer Data Capture and Access

April 12, 2018

Oracle has added real-time streaming Web analytics (Oracle Infinity) and advanced audience segmentation (Oracle CX Audience) to its CX Cloud. Descriptions of both products tout customer data unification across silos, although CX Cloud already has a separate Customer Data Management Cloud that builds and exposes a consolidated master profile. There’s also the Data Cloud, their Data Management Platform (DMP) that includes both known and anonymous identities.

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IBM Backs Blockchain-Based Global Identity Network from Sovrin

April 10, 2018

The focus on monetizing personal data arguably misses the point, which is that consumers want to control the data itself. Sovrin Foundation uses blockchain to give users a self-controlled credential to verify their identity in digital signatures. It conceives of itself as a “global public utility”. Cool. The Foundation just announced support from IBM, which joins a number of other, much smaller “founding stewards”.

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