Few Consumers Buy Tech To Get Personalized Ads: Toluna Research

Meanwhile, survey company Toluna strutted its stuff to reveal that entertainment is the most common reason people buy new technologies (43%), followed by automating tasks (26%), tracking behavior (23%), sharing on social media (18%) and receiving more personalized ads (12%). That anyone would buy tech to get personalized ads seems surprising, but it’s clearly not a priority for most consumers.

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Mapp Marketing Platform Calls Itself a CDP, Calls Marketers Sheep

January 10, 2019

It’s another brutally slow news day, so I’m reduced to reporting that Mapp, the private equity-owned mashup of Blue Hornet email and several marketing products once owned by Teradata, has rebranded itself by calling marketers “sheep”. So clever. Mapp says it’s a “native CDP”, which seems to mean it has a unified customer database. It’s not clear that Mapp also meets the CDP requirement of easily sharing data with external products.

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