GDPR Compliance Has Unexpected Benefits: Capgemini Report

Legacy systems were also cited as the biggest barrier to GDPR compliance in this Capgemini report (38%), followed closely by the complexity of regulations (36%) and cost (33%). Surprisingly, more companies the U.S. reported full compliance (35%) than in any European country. More than 80% of compliant firms saw gains in customer trust, improvements in IT systems, cybersecurity, and organizational transformation.

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CCPA Compliance Could Cost $55 Billion: State Attorney General Study

October 8, 2019

A study for the California Attorney General (download here) estimated compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) could cost as much as $55 billion. It’s a headline-grabbing figure although probably much too high: a key assumption is that almost 75% of California businesses have lists of more than 50,000 consumers. Think about the small businesses you know and how many are likely to have a list that large. Still, it helps to remind businesses that CCDPA is coming in January.

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