Geopath Partners with Stingray to Measure Out of Home Audio Ads

Out-of-home advertising includes not just billboards but video displays in retail stores and other public locations.  Geopath specializes in measuring those channels.  They’ve just done a deal with in-store audio ad network Stingray to expand their coverage of out- of-home audio ads, addressing a problem you may never have even considered.

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Nielsen Adds Deduplicated YouTube Viewers to TV Ad Ratings

July 28, 2022

Audience measurement is a challenge across all channels, even when cookies aren’t involved.  Nielsen in particular has struggled to keep up with TV audiences, as delivery methods expanded beyond linear broadcasts to streaming networks, mobile devices, and on-line video.  Their latest extension is “Four-Screen Ad Deduplication”, which adds deduplicated YouTube viewers to its Total Ad Ratings data.

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Treggo, armed with new funds, takes on crowded Latin American last-mile delivery sector

July 28, 2022

E-commerce across Latin America exploded in the past two years, but against an infrastructure that wasn’t prepared for all of that activity. Treggo is developing technology to make urban shipments in Argentina, Mexico and Chile easier, so merchants of any size can provide an Amazon-like service for their customers. Users can receive immediate quotes, see the closest distributor and monitor deliveries in real time. The company also has a collaboration with Mercado Libre’s Flex Shipping to allow products to be received in as soon as one hour.

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Marketers to Focus on Platforms Not Ad Channels in 2023: IAB Survey

November 29, 2022

This IAB study finds that connected TV and paid search are expected to be the fastest-growing ad channels next year, while linear TV and other traditional media continue to shrink.  More intriguing: marketers are focusing more investment on foundational tools like measurement and first party data, and less on specific ad channels.  Download for deep dives into retail media networks and the metaverse.

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