GIG Retail Helps U.S. Retailers Build Media Networks

“To thine own shelf be true” would be a great motto for a retail consultancy, although UK-based GIG Retail hasn’t chosen it.  But they are entering the U.S. with a package of services to help retailers build their own media networks, an increasingly popular project.  So far, no one has protested too much.

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Netherlands ACM investigating Match Group claim against Google Play

May 10, 2022

The investigation by Netherlands’ Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) was triggered by a complaint by Match Group (which owns Tinder and other dating apps). Match claims Google’s Android Play Store uses a dominant position to preclude use of other payment systems. Google, in a statement, says Match is eligible to use other (more expensive) options outside Google Play’s standard policies.

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Rokt Funding Grows Valuation to $2.4 Billion

December 6, 2022

We have a full pouch of stories about Australian companies but our Emerging Markets editor has threatened bodily harm if I poach them. I can sneak in Aussie-born ecommerce personalization vendor Rokt, because it’s now based in New York. They’ve completed a secondary funding at a valuation of $2.4 billion, one year after a $325 million Series E at $1.95 billion. Not bad in a down year for tech stocks.

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