Glympse Lets Private Groups Share Location Data

But why stop at tracking people when there are so many other Internet-connected things in the world? Glympse lets people (or companies) track locations of connected devices, which could include phones, fitness trackers, cars, packages, delivery trucks, or service people. It recently announced FamilyMap, which lets people share location information within a private group. There’s no mention of using the data for customer tracking or advertising, although the company’s privacy policy leaves open that possibility. With consent, of course.

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Intertrust Technologies Expands Personagraph Private Marketplace for Mobile App Advertising Audiences

January 20, 2017

Intertrust Technologies (great name, by the way) provides behind-the-scenes technologies to help companies control access to their content and data. We’re talking things like encryption, rights management, and tamper-proof application code. Part of their business involves digital rights management, which gives them an inside view of who’s consuming what. They’ve just announced the next generation of Personagraph, a private marketplace that lets publishers turns this information into biddable mobile app advertising inventory. The marketplace resides in Intertrust’s own Data Management Platform (DMP) system.  It’s highly secure, naturally.

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