Google Announces AI-Created Display and Search Ads

It seems like just last week that we wrote about AI-related announcements at the Google I/O conference, but it was really two weeks.  So writing about  yesterday’s Google Marketing Live isn’t repetitive at all.  There were more AI-related announcements, include a chat-based interface to set up Google Ads campaigns, AI-generated assets for Performance Max display campaigns, and AI-generated search ads.

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Gojek Inks Partnership with Dat Bike in Vietnam, Piloting the Use of Electric Motorbikes in Ride-hailing Services

May 25, 2023

Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading mobile on-demand multi-service platform, and Dat Bike, one of the fastest growing electric vehicle start-ups in the Southeast Asia, announced that they will partner to pilot the use of electronic motorbikes to serve the transportation, logistics and food delivery needs of Gojek users in Vietnam. This makes Gojek the first technology company in Vietnam to pilot Dat Bike electric vehicles, as well as the first platform to pilot mobility services via electric motorbike to users in Vietnam.

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Micosoft Promises Chat-Driven Data Management and App Building

May 24, 2023

Microsoft kicked off its Build conference for developers yesterday.  The focus wasn’t on marketing but there was still a lot of relevant news, including use of Bing as the default search engine for ChatGPT, chat interface-driven tools for website building and app creation, and still more chat-driven data preparation, cleaning, and analysis.  It seems the next step beyond low-code development is voice-based coding, or vo-code.

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