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OpenAI Licenses Associates Press Content for Training

July 17, 2023

Publishers are increasingly unwilling to let everyone use their content for free.  While most recent discussion has been on payment for news links by Google and Meta, there’s also growing interest in ensuring that AI systems compensate owners whose content is used as training inputs.  OpenAI has gotten a bit ahead of the game in a deal with Associated Press, gaining a license to use its stories in return for undisclosed fees and technology access.  

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Anthropic and Lucidworks Promise Safer Large Language Models

July 14, 2023

Problems are also opportunities. Anthropic, which has raised a cool $1.5 billion, just launched its latest large language model, Claude2, promising it will explain its results and avoid harmful outputs.  Meanwhile, website search platform Lucidworks announced it will validate results from major generative AI platforms before delivering them to users.  Expect more vendors to let companies use their own data to train large language models.

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