Google Plans New Consumer Controls Over Targeted Ads

Google will give consumers more control over the ads they see, replacing current Ad Settings and About this Ad options with My Ad Center later this year .  The unified offering will let users specify the brands and topics they want to see, change personal information used to target ads, and make it easier to see who paid for an ad they are viewing.  It’s doubtful many consumers will bother with the settings but the features give more control to those who care.

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Some Consumers Love Targeted Ads, Some Hate Them: Frontier Communications Study

May 13, 2022

Consumers are split almost evenly in their attitudes towards personalized marketing.  Frontier Communications found that nearly half found targeted advertising annoying (46%) and invasive (36%) while a similar sized group find it useful (42%) and enjoyable (39%).  Along the same lines, 28% said they’d pay $50 per month or more for ad-free social media while 27% wouldn’t pay a penny.

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Rokt Funding Grows Valuation to $2.4 Billion

December 6, 2022

We have a full pouch of stories about Australian companies but our Emerging Markets editor has threatened bodily harm if I poach them. I can sneak in Aussie-born ecommerce personalization vendor Rokt, because it’s now based in New York. They’ve completed a secondary funding at a valuation of $2.4 billion, one year after a $325 million Series E at $1.95 billion. Not bad in a down year for tech stocks.

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