Google Tailors Its Data Clean Room for Marketers and Measurement Partners

Data clean rooms are even more fashionable than reverse-ETL, which is not a sentence I ever expected to write.  Google helped to start the trend with Ads Data Hub.  They’ve now updated the look with separate versions for marketers and measurement partners.  Who wears it better?

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mParticle Adds Cloud Data Warehouse Connector

November 2, 2022

mParticle has hoisted a reverse-ETL flag with Warehouse Sync, a core system feature which adds the ability to pull data from cloud warehouses such as Snowflake. Unlike stand-alone reverse-ETL products, mParticle loads the data into its own data store and applies processes such as identity resolution, profile creation, predictive modeling, and journey management before sending it to other systems. Warehouse Sync connects to Snowflake today and will add Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Microsoft Azure.

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Marketers Face Higher Costs and Lower Budgets: Treasure Data Report

November 2, 2022

Marketing budgets are increasingly threadbare, according to this Treasure Data survey, with 69% already cut in response to higher costs.  Better data could be part of the solution, since marketers estimate they waste 38% of their budgets due to poor optimization.  Better data could also help consumers, since 58% report that more than half the communications they receive are irrelevant.

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Salesforce Buys for Automated Customer Service

September 22, 2023

Salesforce is buying, which builds low-code, AI-powered e-commerce customer service agents.  You might have thought Salesforce could already do that, but presumably Airkit does it better.  It doesn’t hurt that the company founders sold a previous business to Salesforce, the company was partly funded by Salesforce Ventures, and the product is already listed on AppExchange.  Price was not announced.

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