GRIN Raises $10 Million Series A for Influencer Management

Influencer marketing is another highly-targeted alternative to conventional media, but handling hundreds of influencer relationships is much more work than buying a display ad. GRIN offers an influencer management platform to help ecommerce companies solve that problem. They just raised a $10 million Series A, bringing total funding to $19.3 million.

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PostHog Raises $12 Million for Open Source, No-Code Product Analytics

December 18, 2020

PostHog – whose stylized hedgehog logo is so darn cute – has raised a $12 million Series A for its open source product analytics system. The no-code system captures events and behaviors in mobile and Web apps, loads them into a data store, and gives users tools to analyze them. Product and content analytics are trends to watch if you’ve already binged all the good Netflix series.

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Two-Thirds of Companies Plan More Customer Data Use: Treasure Data Report

January 28, 2022

Is there anything more fascinating than other companies’ customer data strategies, Dear Reader?  I thought not.  Here’s a Treasure Data study on that very topic.  Random factoids: data silos are a more common problem (34%) than data quality (24%); data and IT departments are responsible for customer data strategy at 49% of companies, while marketing is responsible at 11%.; 63% of companies plan to expand use of customer data.

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