Half of Segment CDP Users Are Outside of Engineering

Segment has just issued another report on what its customers are up to. Most common uses are collecting Web and mobile analytics (28%), measuring Web site conversions (17%), and integrating new analytical and marketing tools without engineering support (11%). Real-time personalized email and notifications clock in at 10%. Most intriguing, given that Segment concentrates on assembling customer data, is nearly one-quarter (24%) of Segment users are in marketing, sales, analytics, and product teams. The largest group is still engineering at 49%.

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Vistar Media and Vibenomics to Sell Audio Out of Home Ads Programmatically

June 24, 2020

Finally, we have Vibenomics, which sells ads in retail background music playlists. You probably haven’t spent much time in retail stores recently but, trust me, it’s a thing. Vibenomics just arranged with digital out of home ad platform Vistar Media to sell their ads programmatically. It’s another example of programmatic advertising spreading beyond its original home on the Web.

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Google Kills FLoC, Runs Out of Bird Metaphors, Offers Topics API

January 26, 2022

Google has given up on its FLoC cookie-less targeting initiative, which faced insurmountable privacy objections. The replacement, which mercifully does not reference anything bird-related, is Topics API, which will offer three recent interests for each individual based on sites they have recently visited.  The loss in targeting and tracking power is so huge that you wonder if Google is purposely showing what tighter privacy is costing the industry. Or maybe they’re just kneecapping competitors.

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