Highly Educated People Give Unreliable Survey Answers: Rep Data Study

Meanwhile, data collection firm Rep Data analyzed 1,800 survey responses and found that answers from mobile devices are less reliable than replies from desktop, laptop and tablet users.  More interesting: people with at least a master’s degree give lower quality answers than less educated respondents.  Answers from those who didn’t finish high school are even worse.  I wonder which category has the most CIOs?

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IT Decision Makers Watch More, Read Less: Foundry Survey

November 21, 2022

On the off chance that CIOs really do take over the world, you’ll be interested that Foundry reports 74% of IT decision makers prefer vendors who educate them and 98% want content tailored to their industry, company size, job responsibilities and installed tech platforms.  Also, their attention spans are shrinking: they now spend more time watching videos and have less patience for written materials.  The desired maximum length shrank from 9.6 pages in 2016 to under 5 pages in 2022.

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