Hopin Buys Boomset To Add On-site Event Options

The virtual event market is another hot space, and no company is hotter than Hopin. The return of live events will probably cool things down a bit, so Hopin just hedged its bets by purchasing on-site event management vendor Boomset.

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Top 25 Companies Earn Two-Thirds of Global Ad Revenue: GroupM Report

June 22, 2021

Tech bashing isn’t exactly a market, but it’s definitely a growth industry. WPP’s GroupM media agency is adding heat with a report that the top 25 media suppliers earn 67% of ad global revenue, up from 42% four years ago for the same companies. The better comparison would be the top 25 suppliers four years ago vs the top 25 today, but there’s no doubt that concentration is up.  Plenty more here on other aspects of the industry.

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