IAB Tech Lab Announces Carbon Impact Measurement Project

The cause-and-effect link between greenhouse gases and global warming is well established, although the contribution of digital advertising seems more questionable. But enough ad-folk worry about it that IAB Tech Lab has launched a Green Supply Path Initiative to help programmatic advertisers measure their impact and, at least as important, show that They Care.

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T-Mobile reports 37M customers’ data hacked

January 24, 2023

T-Mobile informed US regulators that a bad actor gained access to data on roughly a third of the company’s 110 million customers. The breach, which was active for approximately six weeks before being discovered and then shut down within 24 hours, reportedly did not access the most sensitive data, such as financial data. Customers were informed that hackers did not gain access to full data sets, though information compromised can still be useful for hackers for phishing and identity theft.

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Social Commerce Struggles Due to Low Trust in Social Platforms

February 8, 2023

While retail media has been an unexpected success, its sort-of opposite, social commerce, has never met expectations.  This Simplicitydx survey explores why: the biggest problem is low trust in social platforms, which means people prefer to buy directly on brand sites.  Social shopping still has a role to play in product discovery, although social won’t always receive credit if the sale is completed elsewhere.

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