IBM Watson Offers Insights to Marketers

Our AI friends at IBM have introduced “Watson Marketing Insights”, which continuously examines customer interactions and attributes to find which items predict behaviors.  It then builds segments based on those items and presents them to marketers, who will hopefully find inspiration for new campaigns. There’s no claim that the AI is doing anything other the providing information – it’s not making suggestions, let alone taking action. One suspects Watson has higher ambitions but is too canny to reveal them openly.

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MarketTrack Study: 80% of Shoppers Check Prices Online Before Buying at Retail

April 17, 2017

Retail qualifies as a vertical, although I don’t have a retail product to discuss. But here’s a MarketTrack study on shopper preferences for online vs in-store shopping. Despite all the bad news you’ve read about bricks-and-mortar retailers, shoppers in most categories still prefer to buy in a physical store. But younger shoppers lean more towards online and 80% of respondents said they do online price comparisons. So the prospects for conventional in-store retail do look rather bleak.

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