IDG Buys LeadSift for More B2B Lead Insights

I was hoping for an all-Australia edition, or at least all-obscure-company-names.  But IDG Communications blew it by buying LeadSift, which is Canadian and does what its name suggests: they scan the Web to identify relevant leads for their clients.  It’s IDG’s third acquisition in eighteen months as they expand their ability to deliver B2B marketing and sales data.

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Surprising News About CDP Use Cases: CDP Institute Report

December 16, 2021

Most CDP use cases require five or fewer data sources and use barely half the available CDP features, according to CDP Institute’s analysis of 70+ use cases entered into our Use Case Generator.  But here’s the catch: different use cases use different features, so you still need them all for a full roll-out.  Lots more here.  Thanks to Brent Dreyer for creating this.  Click here to build your own use case.

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Three-Quarters of Companies See AI/ML As Important Revenue Drivers: SambaNova Report

January 24, 2022

Do you miss those innocent days when every product announcement breathlessly reported the new system or feature was “AI-based”? If so, here’s a whiff of remembrance from AI infrastructure provider SambaNova Systems, who found that 78% of large companies rate AI and Machine Learning as important revenue drivers. Yet even they have a curiously mixed attitude, citing (in their press release) a NewVantage Partners study that found only a quarter of top companies have scaled AI/ML across their organization.

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