Ikue Launches CDP for Telcos

CDPs that specialize in a single industry have been a trend for some time.  The latest is Ikue, which is built for telecom operators and follows an industry-standard data model from TM Forum.  Telecom has been relatively slow to adopt CDPs due to regulatory concerns and the sheer volume of data involved.

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Salesforce CDP Adds UID2.O Connection

September 21, 2022

Salesforce and The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 probably get more attention than they deserve, but you do seem interested in them, Dear Reader.  So here’s a double shot: Salesforce just added an App Exchange app from The Trade Desk to generate UID2 identity tokens, which can then be linked to UID2 tokens from other sources.  UID2 is based on a consented email address, so it’s not a replacement for third-party cookies.  But it helps.

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Intent HQ Uses AI to Find Telco Marketing Opportunities

September 21, 2022

Ok, here’s a crazy coincidence: we have news from another CDP that specializes in telecom.  Intent HQ has launched an AI-driven audience builder that finds hidden opportunities within a customer base.  The tool doesn’t require data scientist support and lets marketers choose from a list of predictive indicators to model against.  It uses other Intent HQ features to automatically ensure the audience data is privacy-compliant.

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Microsoft Lets Publishers Block Bing Chat Separately from Bing Search

September 26, 2023

Nearly one-third of major news publishers have blocked generative AI tools from reading their content.   But that’s a drastic measure which could also exclude their results from conventional search engines.  Microsoft has just given publishers the option to block access by Bing Chat without also removing their content from search results.  We’ll see if competitors do the same.

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