In-App Video Ad Platform Vungle Sold for $750 Million

Finally, news that in-app video advertising platform Vungle was bought by private equity investor Blackstone for a reported $750 million or more. You probably wouldn’t have read this if that number weren’t so large. I know I wouldn’t have written it.

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Marketers Run Just 10% of Customer Experience Programs: Serenova Survey

July 16, 2019

Some jargonistas substitute “customer experience” for “marketing”, on the theory that one encompasses the other. But this survey for contact center vendor Serenova found otherwise: just 10% of customer experience teams report to a marketing leader. Much more common were reporting to CEO (33%) or head of operations (26%). Lots more here about CX priorities, technology, and obstacles, including that lack of a single customer view is the biggest challenge.

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