In-Person Experiences Come Roaring Back: AnyRoad Survey

Finally, in-person experience vendor AnyRoad reports that live events are back: 75% of brands have relaunched live experiences and the percentage of consumers attending an in-person experience jumped from 4% in May 2020 to 68% in May 2021. It turns out that people got bored with online experiences pretty quickly: online experience attendance peaked in July 2020.

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Ecommerce Grew During Pandemic: Retail Touch Points and Euromonitor Reports

July 5, 2021

This pair of retail studies packs in a month’s worth of obvious.  Retail Touch Points  and Euromonitor agree that ecommerce increased during the pandemic, free shipping became even more important, and supply chain issues were a big headache.  You knew that.  But did you know that Euromonitor found 20% of consumers would implant a microchip in their finger to making buying easier?

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Martech M&A Up 214% Year-on-Year: LUMA Report

July 2, 2021

Martech mergers & acquisitions, stock prices, and private financing all increased hugely in the second quarter of 2021, both compared with pandemic-depressed year ago levels and the first quarter.  So says this comprehensive LUMA report.  Martech M&A grew 214% year-on-year, average stock prices rose 28% since January, and there were more than 40 major private financings announced during the quarter.  Download for details.

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