Indonesia’s largest digital ecosystem, GoTo, claims revenue hike, sustainable growth in Q2

GoTo ran strong in the second quarter of this year and shows sustainable growth, increased monetization, more effective incentive spending and optimized operational costs.

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Customer details accessed by ‘unauthorized party’ in DoorDash data breach

September 1, 2022

DoorDash has said personal details of some customers and drivers had been accessed by an “unauthorised party” in a phishing attack on a third-party vendor. The unauthorised party, which used stolen credentials of the vendor’s employees to gain access to some internal tools, also got hold of names, phone numbers or email addresses of some drivers, customer payment details.

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Meta Releases Lying, Offensive AI and Pretends to Be Surprised

November 23, 2022

Like trouble, bad behavior by Meta shows up whether you look for it or not.  The latest is an open-source language model that was supposed to provide reliable search results because it was trained on academic papers.  Alas, it was quickly withdrawn after reviewers found that it returned results that were grammatical and plausible but also incorrect, not to mention filled with “antisemitism, homophobia, and misogyny.”  How can this be a surprise?

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