InfoSum Launches Next-Generation Data Clean Room Platform

Data clean room vendor InfoSum has just launched its next-generation product and isn’t stinting on the hype: “safest, most secure, and most interoperable infrastructure”…“solve the advertising ecosystem’s interoperability challenges”… “eliminating all barriers to entry for enterprise organizations to extract the full value from their first-party data – safely and securely – with no risk and no limits.”  While they’re at it, they’ve launched an open-source project using their core technology, which “will be a crucial piece in the democratization of data security and privacy protection for all.”  Wow.

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Customer Data Platform Industry Grew Strongly in First Half of 2022: CDP Institute Report

July 24, 2022

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) industry had a strong first half in 2022 with 10% employment growth among existing vendors and eleven new companies added, according to the CDP Institute's latest Industry Update report. Total employment grew by 2,494, the largest increase on record. However, a slowdown in funding and acquisitions may indicate investors are becoming more cautious about the industry.

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Celebrus Shares First-Party Cookies Across Domains

July 22, 2022

CDP vendor Celebrus is making a more modest but still interesting promise, offering a new technology to share web session data across sites so long as the domains are owned by the same parent company.  Basically it’s a matter of putting the data something browsers will treat as a first-party cookie, even though those are usually limited to a single domain.  It’s patented and, Celebrus says, unique.

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Marketers to Focus on Platforms Not Ad Channels in 2023: IAB Survey

November 29, 2022

This IAB study finds that connected TV and paid search are expected to be the fastest-growing ad channels next year, while linear TV and other traditional media continue to shrink.  More intriguing: marketers are focusing more investment on foundational tools like measurement and first party data, and less on specific ad channels.  Download for deep dives into retail media networks and the metaverse.

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