Infutor Adds CTV-to-Offline Data Enhancement

Identity resolution vendor Infutor has launched a solution to link IP-based connected TV (CTV) identities to offline household attributes in its 120 million household database.  The deal will help marketers select and target CTV audiences, but doesn’t provide identifiers of household members.

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Place Exchange Offers Ads on 33,000 Connected Golf Carts

December 15, 2021

Here’s something to debate if your holiday party gets boring: are golf cart screens out of home (OOH) media or connected TVs?  Apparently, the answer is OOH, since programmatic OOH ad seller Place Exchange just inked a deal to sell ads on 33,000 interactive golf cart screens. Extra trivia points: the screens are managed by Shark Experience, which was developed by champion golfer Greg Norman.

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64% of Advertisers Say Apple ATT Hurt Campaign Results

February 2, 2023

You’re probably heard about IAB CEO David Cohen’s blistering attack on privacy advocates.  Here’s why he cares: 64% of advertisers told Wpromote their campaigns were less successful after Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency, which requires user permission to track their behaviors.  Lots more here on alternatives to third party cookies (Google’s Topics API is leading the horse race), data clean rooms, state privacy regulations, and using CDPs for advertising.

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