News Identifies High-Potential, Under-Served Accounts

InsideSales has extended its AI-based sales management superpowers to find accounts with high purchase propensity that have not been contacted by sales reps. InsideSales combines a company’s own CRM data with insights based on data aggregated across all its clients.

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Corporate IT Helps to Manage Half of CDP Systems: The Relevancy Group

August 20, 2018

Corporate IT departments manage 49% of Customer Data Platforms, according to a survey by The Relevancy Group.  Responsibility is often shared: 69% of respondents said marketing IT is involved, 54% said marketing operations is involved and 31% said online marketing operations is involved.  Much other interesting data in the survey, which is part of Relevancy’s CDP Buyer’s Guide. List price is $2,495 but you can get a free copy from RedPoint Global or Tealium. The report profiles a half-dozen CDP vendors; many others balked at paying Relevancy’s fee for inclusion.

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Voice Commerce Threatens Brand Loyalty: Digitas Report

August 16, 2018

Jamie also shares this Digitas report that smart speakers threaten brand loyalty because people tend to buy the first item offered – as often as 85% of the time, in fact. True to stereotype, Millennials are twice as likely as older folks to buy the first item offered even if it’s not the brand they requested. One ray of hope: more smart speakers are coming with screens attached and 78% of buyers said they’d use them to find more purchase options.

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Retail Rocket Raises $24 Million and Buys Sailplay to Enter U.S. Market

July 6, 2022

Netherlands-based retention management platform Retail Rocket just raised a $24 Million Series A, and immediately spent some of it to buy Sailplay, a New York-based marketing automation vendor that will grow its U.S. presence.  Retail Rocket builds unified customer profiles in a module it charmingly calls Data Warehouse, and has other modules for AI-driven personalization, segmentation, and campaign management.  The company has more than 1,000 global clients across Europe and South America.

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